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Features & Benefits

Rapid set Post Fix is a two component, pre-propotioned system that expands to fill the peripheral void between post and the hole. 
Not suitable for structural use.

Easy to Use

No more handling heavy bags of concrete and messy concrete mixing. No water is required.


CAUTION: Rapidset is a fast reacting polyurethane foam. When combining ingredients together be sure not to exceed shaking the bottle for 30 seconds.

Step 1: Dig Hole & Measure

Hole should be twice the width of the post diameter and the depth should be one third the length of the post.

Step 2: Post in & Level

To help level the post, sit rocks in around the base to secure the post. Using a leveller move the post around until it is straight.

Step 3: Safety Gear

Ensure use of protective eyewear and gloves to avoid exposure to the product.

Step 4: Pour Bottle B into Bottle A

Handy Tip: Acclimatise bottles at 22-26 degrees celcius for at least 2 hours before use.

Step 5: Shake & Pour into Hole

Shake bottle for 20 seconds to combine. 
DO NOT exceed 30 seconds. Pour evenly around the post until the bottle is empty.

Step 6: Foam Expands

Handy Tip: Sets in 3-5 minutes depending on the application temperature. After 5 minutes tap gently to see if foam has set.


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A fast setting polyurethane foam designed specifically for supporting and backfilling of wooden, PVC, steel & many types of
 in-ground posts.


In-ground Posts

Step 7: Cut Out & Level

Handy Tip: If foam expands over the hole cut out with a knife in sections and level.

Step 8: Fill Around Hole

Backfill over the foam with dirt for a neat professional looking finish.


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Quickly Sets & Fast Application

No time wasted loading/ unloading heavy bags of concrete. Sets in 3-5 minutes (temperature depending).

High Strength

Against impacts and shocks. Adheres to wood, vinyl and metal posts and the ground better than concrete.

Waterproof / All Year Use

Helps protect the post against rotting. Can be used in Winter and Summer.

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